Running across Japan Day1-2 Fukuoka – Yamaguchi

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 1~2日目(福岡~山口)

<Day1 (Apr.2)>
Fukuoka, Fukuoka~Onga, Fukuoka


●2015. Apr.  6:55am
From Ohori Park, Fukuoka

I have started “Running Journey across Japan.”

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I was in Korea the day before yesterday,
so I was very busy to prepare for the Journey yesterday.
That tight schedule made me overslept today!

So many my running mates came to see me off.
I am really sorry to have kept them waiting so long…

Anyway, I managed to start Running Journey across Japan.

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My running mates gave me a T-shirt with messages.
This would give me power so much.
I deeply appreciate it.

Although it was very busy start, it might have been good for me not to be nervous.
On the contrary, I am a happy man because so many people came to see me off and gave me presents and messages.

I will enjoy it best!
And I hope my Running Journey would make people around me more cheerful.


●Now, I have started.

My mind rose up and I felt as I could run to anywhere.

No, no, no. This is dangerous.
It is dangerous to run so hard in the beginning.

I run with making my rising mind down.

However, when I checked my watch…

It had been 3 hours since I started.

3 hours already?

Anyway, I seemed to be excited more than usual.


I ran with Hidaka-san after I started.
He is a triathlete.
Though his specialty is bike, he run fast as well.


●Route 3

If I didn’t challenge like this, I wouldn’t have cared about route number at all.

When you challenge something, your view will be widened.

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The first rest point was Munakata, Fukuoka.
I had lunch here, and I took rest for the last half today.

Blue sky and beautiful flowers go well together here.

When you find beautiful scenery, you can stop running and take a rest.

You can do like this in the Running Journey.


●Ebitsu’s great water

The weather was so fine that it made me thirsty.

And I had run out of water.

At that instant, this appeared on the road.


“Ebitsu’s natural water.”

Though it seemed to cost 100 yen, I appreciated.

But, when you look carefully…


100 yen for 20 Liter.

I see. This is a lot of selling.

Then, a local person came and we talked a while.
She came here to pick water as well as me.


“I don’t need all 20 liter water, so you get some.”

She said.
Th… Thanks!

That was great water soaked into my heart and body.



●Onga, today’s goal

I basically run 50km per day in the Journey.
And then, I look for a goal point of the day.

Of course, I have no reservation.

At the end, I couldn’t find any place to sleep, then I had to sleep out.


However, you cannot underestimate sleeping out.


You can sleep with full-bloomed sakura surrounding you.

Though it was little chilly.
It was good to have brought a sleeping bag.


[Day1・ distance 54km]


<Day2 (Apr. 3)>
Onga, Fukuoka~Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi


●Day breaked… at 5:00 am


You know.
I have nothing to do besides running, so I started run.

I originally wake up early, so I don’t feel stress to do something in early morning like this.
It was rain.

But, I run.

There is a way to enjoy running on rainy day.
You can smell more sensitively than usual.
It is good to run with hearing sound of rain.

I got my backpack covered with rain cover.。
I was a little sorry to hide the word, “RUN across Japan.”


Moji port

I was running with beaten by rain all the way, and I arrived at Moji port.

My body got cold.

I changed my clothes quickly, then I looked for a place to eat.

But, since the rain got harder, I couldn’t walk around.

I found udon restaurant nearby, although Moji is famous for baked curry.


I saw a word “curry” in the menu, so

“Isn’t this curry baked curry?”


I asked to the owner.

“I don’t cook baked curry. That is something the city made for tourism, so it is not very local food.”

He said.

Ah, I like this kind of pride.

I ordered “meat udon” which is most popular menu in this restaurant.

Well-stewed meat is delicious.

Besides, the owner gave me rice for free.

Thanks a lot.






Through the tunnel across Kanmon strait, I got through into Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi.


I was running seashore.
It is comfortable for me to smell the salt tang of the sea because I brought up in the island.

And, I went on running with seeing the sea on my right side.

It was still rain.

Suddenly, I was getting feel like to ridicule myself.

“Why am I doing such a crazy thing?”


And, I stopped thinking about that.




The 2nd day’s goal is Oduki.

Nowhere to sleep around here, so I had to sleep out today too.

I decided to sleep on a bench in front of the station.


However, today is Friday.

Many people walk through.
Though it is much less than that of  a big city.

“Whoa, a human being.”

People were surprised to see the strange thing lying on the bench.

Yes, it is me covered the sleeping bag.

What a crazy exhibition I am.

Of course, I didn’t sleep well.


[Day2・ Distance 56km]


The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 1~2日目(福岡~山口)



Kazuma Uehara



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