Running across Japan Day3-4 Yamaguchi

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 3~4日目(山口)

<Day3 (Apr. 4)>
Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi~Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi



It was somewhat hard to sleep out in the 2nd day.

I was about to fall down from the bench since it was too narrow.

Actually, I fell down once.



Anyway, I cannot hate him.


Good bye, Oduki.

If I were not challenge Running across Japan, I might have not know even the name of the place.




●Country road


It appeared rural landscape.

It is a calm scenery.

I have no complaint because I like countryside.

I took a rest on my way.


●something wrong on my body

I had run over 100 km within 2 days.

My legs were getting hard.

Although it is natural.


In fact, I had had my hurt right leg and I had not run for 2 weeks before I started this journey.

I had protected my right leg, which causes this pain now.


When I suffer much pain on my legs, I took a picture.

The scenery of sakura was beautiful.

I cheated my mind.



●Philosophy of masochism

I had a contradiction.

I say “Enjoy to run.”


However, I am suffering to run now.


My legs were almost not able to work.

My shoulders and my waist were rubbed with a backpack to be about to bleed.


I couldn’t run as usual.


“It is impossible to enjoy to run in this situation!”


To be honest, I thought that.


Yes, it is hard to run.

Besides, you have to run 50 km a day with a heavy luggage.

It is natural to be hard.


In spite of that, people still go on running.

It is interesting.

As if they enjoyed to suffer.

It is masochistic.


However, I think it is great to be able to enjoy a suffering situation.


You can consider anyway.

“When I get over this, I would be more powerful”

“When I finish running, I would eat something delicious.”

“I am very cool to do something hard. Huuu.”


Anything is ok.


If they are called “masochists”, that word is a kind of compliments for me.



When I was thinking about “masochists”, I have arrived at Ogori, Shin-Yamaguchi station.

I decided to stay in a business hotel.

It was the first time to sleep inside.


I looked for cheap one and find oldie hotel after a while walking around.

And I checked-in.


I wanted to reply mails, but there seemed to be no Wi-Fi.

It is a little too oldie.


Am I to have to rest well today?


[Day3・ Distance 43km]


<Day4 (Apr. 5)>
Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi~Shunan, Yamaguchi


●Start at Shin-Yamaguchi station

After spending time in the morning, I have started at 8:30 am


I had soaked into a bathtub yesterday, so I was fine today.

I went on running simply toward Hofu.



When I am taking rest in front of a convenient store, a lady talked to me.

After talking a while, she bought some meals for me.


Although I asked her name,

she said “No,no. Don’t mind.”


Although I asked her to take a picture of us,

she said “No, no. Don’t mind.”



“Take care, and go for it.”

She said and has gone.


I was moved.

Is this a love that asks nothing in return?


So cool. I want to be a human like her.

I don’t exaggerate, but it removed tiredness from me at all.



Although I was getting fine, strong hurt struck my left leg.

The bone on my knee seemed to be worn out.


If I kept running, I would have hurt my legs.

Then, I switched to walking.

It is good to walk slowly too.

20150405_140454 20150405_14070620150405_141759


I found a kind of secret route.

And I took a rest to see the sea.


I managed to recover to run slowly.

In this journey, a power to recover is very important.


But, I couldn’t run more than 10 km then.

After that, I went on walking to look for a place to sleep.




In Shin-Nanyou, I found a place to sleep.


It is common for Kyusyu people, Joyfull.


In the end, I considered the restaurant as a hotel.

What a nerve I am.


Since there was not so many people in the restaurant, I stayed there.

I appreciated…


[Day4・ Distance 43km]

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 3~4日目(山口)


Kazuma Uehara



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