Running across Japan Day5-6 Yamaguchi

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 5~6日目(山口)

<Day5 (Apr. 6)>
Shunan, Yamaguchi~Hikari, Yamaguchi


Started from Shunan


At 6:00 a.m. I started from the restaurant, Joyful, in Shunan.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

I had slept with sitting, so my legs swelled terribly.

Then, my feet didn’t fit in with my shoes.


All I could say was my condition was not good.


Since I started running, I recognized the pain in my knee didn’t cease.

I ran a little, walked a little, and kept doing them.




It might be good to take a rest, but I had a place must go today.



I had a promise to meet certain person in Hikari, Yamaguchi.


Mrs. Inoue.

A very cheerful and kind woman.

We had met in February in this year for the first time on the race, named OSJ jungle trail, in Amami Island, my home town.

She had come from Yamaguchi far from Amami, Kagoshima.

Besides, she run other races in Amami and she is a “Amami fan.”


In this relation, we promised to meet in this Running Journey across Japan, so I had to reach in Hikari today.


However, my legs pained terribly.

I walked with dragging my left leg.


What a worse, rain were getting harder.

When I am running, my body get warm and rain doesn’t matter.

But when I am walking, rain cools my body and makes me feel so cold.


I got weak so much.


However, I have a strange pride that I never use any transportation.


Anyway, all I could do is to walk step by step.


After all, I walked 17 km with being hit by rain for 4 hours and arrived at Hikari.

As we had promised, I managed to meet Mrs. Inoue at 10 a.m.


Take a rest

My legs condition was so bad, I decided to take a rest in the afternoon in Hikari.

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In Hikari city, I was in care of Mrs. Inoue and her running mates.

They well treated me for meals and we enjoyed talking about running and others.

I spent a really nice time with them.


They had just run Saga Sakura Marathon yesterday.

We all run well.


Also, while we were talking, they praised me so much.

“You are great.” “You are respectable.”

But, I am not so much to be praised.

I am just running as I like. 


Of course, I don’t mean I feel bad when I am praised by someone.

It is very grateful.


I was somewhat confused to be praised for what I was doing.


[Day5・ Distance 17km]



<Day6 (Apr. 7)>
Hikari, Yamaguchi~Iwakuni, Yamaguchi



Left Hikari

Surprisingly, Mrs. Inoue and her running mates would lead me by cars when I would be running.

They said main route has no sidewalk and was dangerous to run, so they would guide the other route for me.


Wow, I cannot believe how kind you all are.

I was very appreciated and moved when I was running.


The pain in my left knee had been better.

And in this morning, I ran 34 km.

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Thanks to Hikari cheer group, I really enjoyed running this day.

Thanks so much.


Then, they said to me

“You gave us energy.” “I was so moved to tears.”


Oh, no…

I do nothing but run as I like…


However, I cannot be pleased more to hear that kind of words.


I felt like I recognized another reason to run.



To Iwakuni

In the afternoon, my left knee pained again, but it seemed be alright if I run carefully.


To decrease shock to knee, I ran with using my calves as absorbing shock.


Cold wind was getting to blow

I couldn’t run fast, so my body was cooled by wind.


By arriving at Iwakuni, my body had totally become frozen.

At night, it would more cold.


I gave up to sleep out and I decided to stay a business hotel.

It costed 5940 yen for one night.

So expensive for me, but there is nothing for it but do it.


I was tired terribly, so slept immediately.


In Iwakuni, by the way, TV broadcasts many programs in Hiroshima though it is in Yamaguchi, and I saw much information about Hiroshima Carp, a baseball team.

It was interested to discover a little change.


[Day6・ Distance 59km]



Kazuma Uehara



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