Running across Japan Day7-8 Yamaguchi – Hiroshima

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 7~8日目(山口~広島)


<Day7 (Apr. 8)>
Iwakuni, Yamaguchi~Nishi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima


Slow Running from Iwakuni

My left knee remained pained.

So, I was running very slowly.


“You run slowly, but step by step.”


This is the word my senior told me.

While this running journey, I told that word to myself.


I would have to run more than 3000 km, which is extraordinary long distance, in this running journey.

However, if I run step by step, the goal would be to appear in front of me someday.


“Enjoy the one step.”




Through Iwakuni, I arrived at Otake, Hiroshima.


A view of the sea appeared.

I felt like an atmosphere of towns and people changed.



As I was running for a while, a view of Miyajima, which is very famous spot, was getting to appear.


But, I kept running with suffering the pain on my left knee.



Honestly, I couldn’t afford to enjoy that view.


To Nishi-Hiroshima

20150408_151219 20150408_151340

I had to be patient to keep running because I couldn’t run but very slowly.

All I could do was run step by step.

I just carried my legs forward carefully with very dangerous pain.


As getting tired mentally, I got hungry and ate a lot.

Perhaps, I would even gain weight after the running journey across Japan. 



At last, I arrived at Nishi-Hiroshima.

Today, I would stay in Karaoke.

It is 1500 yen for 1 night.

Not so expensive.



Clerks in Hiroshima look energetic in my point of view.


[Day7・ Distance 46km]



<Day8 (Apr. 9)>
Nishi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima~Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima



Walking day

As the pain on my left knee was not getting better, I would walk all the day.

That is so-called the day of rest.


Although I walked 37 km.


Anyway, walking gives me the different feeling from running.


To say simply, it is “boring”.


Oh, that reminds me my high school days and the day I belonged to the track and field club.

I used to walk all the time and feel sad when I get injured.


It is so boring to walk.


No, no.

It is a precious chance to challenge the running journey across Japan.


It is a big loss if you don’t enjoy it.



Yes, that reminded me.

Walking is to be good training foe running.

Because you use different points of your body when you walk, you can build them up.



As I thought like this, walking is getting fun.

When you walk for 8 hours a day, you would think about something in many aspects.



A fear of the route 2

20150409_135510 20150409_135512

This is the part of the route 2.

It seems not to be built with thinking about pedestrians.

I must not be careless.


To be more common for running journey, it would be needed to arrange roads properly.

Although it is not easy.



I finally arrived at Higashi-Hiroshima after walking for 8 hours.


And I looked for a place to stay.

What I found was Joyfull again.


Very thank you, Joyfull.


[Day8・ Distance 37km]



Kazuma Uehara



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