Running across Japan Day9-10 Hiroshima

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 9~10日目(広島)


<Day9 (Apr. 10)>
Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima~Mihara, Hiroshima


●Recommendation of running early morning

After staying at Joyfull 1 night, I started running at 6 a.m.

What a healthy life style.


I usually run in early morning.


Because there are no disturbance in early morning.

Even when you think to run at night, it often appears unexpected job and something to do and you lose time to run.


Besides, when I run in early morning, I feel like this.

“As I’ve already run in this morning, I can feel easy tonight.” 

It is great to spend the rest of the day with breadth of mind.


When I don’t run in the morning,

“I have to run much tonight to make up for no running in this morning ”

I think like that all the day.


It is kind of sad.

This is a character of a runner.



●Speed 10 mins/km


Yesterday, I walked all the day with having hurt legs.

I was just wondering if I can run or not today.

I started running very carefully.


It pained as I expected.

But, it seemed alright if I run slowly and carefully.


It was so slow.

As I checked my GPS watch, it took near 10 minutes per km.

It is almost same speed as fast walking.


I usually run with pace of 5 mins/km, so it is almost twice time to run same distance.


I felt miserable, but it is o.k.

It is not everything to run fast.

I just do what I can now.



By the way, there is a marathon training, LSD(Long Slow Distance).

It is training to run long distance slowly, so-called aerobic exercise.


As running slowly, you can train muscle you usually don’t use.

Also, it develops capillary and makes a body takes in oxygen.


Besides, when you run slowly, you use different source of energy from that of when you run fast.


When you run fast, you use glucose energy.

When you run slowly, you use fat energy.

That is why it is said that you had better to run slowly to burn fat.



●Running exposed to the rain for 7 hours. 

Perhaps, today was the hardest day since running journey started.

20150410_093559 20150410_071629

At first, it rained all the time.

Though it might be hard to recognize, it was a heavy rain.



Second, I had to run the hill of Chugoku.

It appeared horrible “The route with no sidewalk”.


Because of the rain, the condition of ground was not good.

I paid attention to my step and cars.


Huge trucks sprayed a splash on me.

Thank you very much.

They work hard everyday.



After running about 20 km, I took a rest.

It was my first time to see eggs vending machine.

That’s cool.


And yet, it was cold.

I had to run 20 more km to Mihara city, which is the next town.


As I looked around, I recognized nothing but mountains, rice fields, and a bit of houses.

I just wondered if I could reach to Mihara city.


Anyway, it was such rain.

It was better to run at a time.



●Temptation and Pride

However, it was so hard time that this idea came to my mind.


I hoped someone kindly talk to me like that.

“Get on my car. I will take you to Mihara.”



I was about to compromise.

Why don’t I take shelter and restart running at the same point?




Even if someone suggest that he or she gives me on a ride, I would reply like that.

“No, thank you. I would not use any transportation.”



What a stubborn and hard to be treated person I am!


Yes, it is ok.

I would not easily expect out of me.

I would run by myself.


As bracing myself, I restarted running.




Finally, I arrived at Mihara.

I had a sense of accomplishment as I had had so hard time.


Though I had not run so long today (less than 40 km), I got tired terribly because I had been beaten by rain all the time.


I did laundry, and then checked -in a hotel.

The instant I took a shower, I went to bed.


After running all the day and getting tired so much, I fall down on the bed.

It is a king of extravagant life.



[Day9・ Distance 38km]



<Day10 (Apr. 11)>
Mihara, Hiroshima


●Rest day

In last few days, I couldn’t run as I expected because of  pain on my legs.

It still pained when I got up.


Then, I decided to take a rest all the day today.


Before then, I walked all the day as a rest.

But, it was not a efficient rest.

This time, I would take a rest thoroughly.


Although it is still important to run little by little, it is also important to run with fine condition somewhat after recovering.


I had given this message.

“It is ok to take a rest all the day. If you do that, you can enjoy running more in the next day.”

I felt so easy because of that message.



In this running journey across Japan, I set some goal points and dead-line.

Because of those goals, I didn’t enjoy running sometimes.


On this chance, I would quit running temporarily and finish my job at a time.



At that time, I recognized beautiful blue sky.



Oh, my god.

It makes me feel like to go run.


[Day10・ Distance 1km]


Kazuma Uehara



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