Running across Japan Day11-12 Hiroshima – Okayama

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 11~12日目(広島~岡山)

<Day11(Apr. 12)>
Mihara, Hiroshima~Fukuyama, Hiroshima


●Walking day again

I had a rest day to heal legs pains yesterday.


It still pains.


Oh, it has not be healed yet.


However, I couldn’t stop running for 2 days, so I decided to walk to the next place.

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At 4 a.m. I started from Mihara, Hiroshima.

Setonai-kai ocean is very calm in early morning.

As seeing the sun-rise shines around, I just walked alone.


Beginning of the day is so peaceful.

I felt good before the cool wind.




●Onomichi, Hiroshima

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I arrived at Onomichi, Hiroshima at 7 a.m.

It is a nostalgic small port-town.



I wanted to spend long time there, but there was no store opened.

The only ones opened were convenience stores.
I bought a local specialty, egg ice cream, at Seven-Eleven.


I liked it.

It simply tastes good.

By the way, convenience stores here have large selections.

Especially, daily necessities like as cleanser and clothing are much supplied.


Is it a kind of small super market in this place?

In my opinion, convenience stores show local character there.

It is interesting to check it with a sense of that.


●Fukuyama, Hiroshima

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After walking for a while, I got into Fukuyama.

I hadn’t seen such a big city for long time.



There is Fukuyama castle near Fukuyama station.

Although Sakura was getting to fall out, there were many people see watch them.


As I was so tired, I took a rest and see Fukuyama castle after lunch.


I ate Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima’s local food, for lunch.

It is nice you can watch a process of cooking it.


It was delicious.


In Fukuyama, many people talked tome like that.

“Wonderful! You run across Japan!”

“Do your best on your journey.”

It made me energetic so much.


“Do your best.”

It is very simple word, but helps tired people so much.


Joyfull again

I stopped running as strong pain on my legs.

Even walking, it is very hard to walk 40 km one day.



And, I would stay at Joyfull tonight.


I swear to you.

I am not a sales man of Joyfull.


[Day11・ Distance 39km]



<Day12 (Apr. 13)>
Fukuyama, Hiroshima~Kurashiki, Okayama


●Kicked out of Joyfull at 3 a.m.

When I sleep at Joyfull, a clerk woke me up.

“It is prohibited to sleep in this restaurant.”


…Oh, I’m so sorry.


It is me that use it wrongly, so I had no excuse.

I paid and go out of the restaurant.



Still, is it heartless to kick me out in raining at 3 a.m?

Besides, there were very few people in the restaurant.





My legs were not at good condition yet.

It seemed impossible to run today too.



●Route 2 at 4 p.m.

It was raining all the day today too.


And, it was a very dark mountain hill road.

Many huge trucks was running on the road.


I was exposed to rain at 4 a.m.

In this situation, I just walked alone little by little.

I felt I was so pity.


But, it was me who decided to do this running journey.

I cannot blame on anybody for it.

That’s it is to go a minor way.



●Okayama prefecture

Going through Fukuyama, I got into Kasaoka,Okayama.

It was my first time to be in Okayama.



Then, same as convenience stores, traffic cultures show local characters there.


In Hiroshima, I didn’t see so many signals for walkers.

But, in Okayama, I saw them more.

And I felt cars there were running more slowly.



From walker’s view, not trains and bus, it is easier to discover that kind of things.


●Konko town

As the rain getting harder, I looked for a place to take a shelter.

And I stopped at Konko town, Asakuchi city.


It is named for the religion of Konko-kyo.

It is curious.


As the name, there is the headquarter of Konko-kyo there.

I searched it on Wikipedia later, and it seems the one of new religions opened in late Edo era.

I saw much Konko-kyo culture on many place in the town.

So curious.



But, I found no place to take a rest, so I passed through the town.


I regretted I couldn’t take any photo there because my phone had run out.




For the next, I arrived at Tamashima, Kurashiki city.

It is a nostalgic town too.


To say more, I felt as I was in Edo-era play.

I wondered how it had remained old atmosphere.


Although it is a very my personal opinion, the towns in Okayama are so mysterious and curious.

They have so unique atmosphere.


I can feel as I was traveling time.

If I had more time, I hoped to walk around more.



As looking for a place to take a rest, I finally arrived at Kurashiki.


I walked 44 km today.

It made me terribly tired.


It is easier to run than walk the same distance because it takes less time to move.

When I run, I can move 10 km for about 1 hour.

But, when I walk, it takes more than twice time to move the same distance.


Walking is more hard in terms that total time of work-out is long.


And walking is different from running in terms that you can fully think about everything.

When you run, you couldn’t afford to concentrate to think so much.


When you run, your mind usually get very simple.

When you walk, your mind usually get complicated.



I don’t say which is better.

However, I am a person who usually think something seriously.

So, I prefer running since I can be crazy and simple.


After I recognized me as a running junkie, I stayed at a hotel near Kurashiki station.


[Day12・ Distance 44km]




Kazuma Uehara

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