Running across Japan Day11-12 Hiroshima – Okayama

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 11~12日目(広島~岡山)

<Day11(Apr. 12)>
Mihara, Hiroshima~Fukuyama, Hiroshima


●Walking day again

I had a rest day to heal legs pains yesterday.


It still pains.


Oh, it has not be healed yet.


However, I couldn’t stop running for 2 days, so I decided to walk to the next place.

20150412_051246 20150412_052258 20150412_054709

At 4 a.m. I started from Mihara, Hiroshima.

Setonai-kai ocean is very calm in early morning.

As seeing the sun-rise shines around, I just walked alone.


Beginning of the day is so peaceful.

I felt good before the cool wind.




●Onomichi, Hiroshima

20150412_063248 20150412_063346 20150412_063445

20150412_064619 20150412_073017

I arrived at Onomichi, Hiroshima at 7 a.m.

It is a nostalgic small port-town.



I wanted to spend long time there, but there was no store opened.

The only ones opened were convenience stores.
I bought a local specialty, egg ice cream, at Seven-Eleven.


I liked it.

It simply tastes good.

By the way, convenience stores here have large selections.

Especially, daily necessities like as cleanser and clothing are much supplied.


Is it a kind of small super market in this place?

In my opinion, convenience stores show local character there.

It is interesting to check it with a sense of that.


●Fukuyama, Hiroshima

20150412_134303 20150412_140044 20150412_131558

After walking for a while, I got into Fukuyama.

I hadn’t seen such a big city for long time.



There is Fukuyama castle near Fukuyama station.

Although Sakura was getting to fall out, there were many people see watch them.


As I was so tired, I took a rest and see Fukuyama castle after lunch.


I ate Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima’s local food, for lunch.

It is nice you can watch a process of cooking it.


It was delicious.


In Fukuyama, many people talked tome like that.

“Wonderful! You run across Japan!”

“Do your best on your journey.”

It made me energetic so much.


“Do your best.”

It is very simple word, but helps tired people so much.


Joyfull again

I stopped running as strong pain on my legs.

Even walking, it is very hard to walk 40 km one day.



And, I would stay at Joyfull tonight.


I swear to you.

I am not a sales man of Joyfull.


[Day11・ Distance 39km]



<Day12 (Apr. 13)>
Fukuyama, Hiroshima~Kurashiki, Okayama


●Kicked out of Joyfull at 3 a.m.

When I sleep at Joyfull, a clerk woke me up.

“It is prohibited to sleep in this restaurant.”


…Oh, I’m so sorry.


It is me that use it wrongly, so I had no excuse.

I paid and go out of the restaurant.



Still, is it heartless to kick me out in raining at 3 a.m?

Besides, there were very few people in the restaurant.





My legs were not at good condition yet.

It seemed impossible to run today too.



●Route 2 at 4 p.m.

It was raining all the day today too.


And, it was a very dark mountain hill road.

Many huge trucks was running on the road.


I was exposed to rain at 4 a.m.

In this situation, I just walked alone little by little.

I felt I was so pity.


But, it was me who decided to do this running journey.

I cannot blame on anybody for it.

That’s it is to go a minor way.



●Okayama prefecture

Going through Fukuyama, I got into Kasaoka,Okayama.

It was my first time to be in Okayama.



Then, same as convenience stores, traffic cultures show local characters there.


In Hiroshima, I didn’t see so many signals for walkers.

But, in Okayama, I saw them more.

And I felt cars there were running more slowly.



From walker’s view, not trains and bus, it is easier to discover that kind of things.


●Konko town

As the rain getting harder, I looked for a place to take a shelter.

And I stopped at Konko town, Asakuchi city.


It is named for the religion of Konko-kyo.

It is curious.


As the name, there is the headquarter of Konko-kyo there.

I searched it on Wikipedia later, and it seems the one of new religions opened in late Edo era.

I saw much Konko-kyo culture on many place in the town.

So curious.



But, I found no place to take a rest, so I passed through the town.


I regretted I couldn’t take any photo there because my phone had run out.




For the next, I arrived at Tamashima, Kurashiki city.

It is a nostalgic town too.


To say more, I felt as I was in Edo-era play.

I wondered how it had remained old atmosphere.


Although it is a very my personal opinion, the towns in Okayama are so mysterious and curious.

They have so unique atmosphere.


I can feel as I was traveling time.

If I had more time, I hoped to walk around more.



As looking for a place to take a rest, I finally arrived at Kurashiki.


I walked 44 km today.

It made me terribly tired.


It is easier to run than walk the same distance because it takes less time to move.

When I run, I can move 10 km for about 1 hour.

But, when I walk, it takes more than twice time to move the same distance.


Walking is more hard in terms that total time of work-out is long.


And walking is different from running in terms that you can fully think about everything.

When you run, you couldn’t afford to concentrate to think so much.


When you run, your mind usually get very simple.

When you walk, your mind usually get complicated.



I don’t say which is better.

However, I am a person who usually think something seriously.

So, I prefer running since I can be crazy and simple.


After I recognized me as a running junkie, I stayed at a hotel near Kurashiki station.


[Day12・ Distance 44km]



Running across Japan Day9-10 Hiroshima

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 9~10日目(広島)


<Day9 (Apr. 10)>
Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima~Mihara, Hiroshima


●Recommendation of running early morning

After staying at Joyfull 1 night, I started running at 6 a.m.

What a healthy life style.


I usually run in early morning.


Because there are no disturbance in early morning.

Even when you think to run at night, it often appears unexpected job and something to do and you lose time to run.


Besides, when I run in early morning, I feel like this.

“As I’ve already run in this morning, I can feel easy tonight.” 

It is great to spend the rest of the day with breadth of mind.


When I don’t run in the morning,

“I have to run much tonight to make up for no running in this morning ”

I think like that all the day.


It is kind of sad.

This is a character of a runner.



●Speed 10 mins/km


Yesterday, I walked all the day with having hurt legs.

I was just wondering if I can run or not today.

I started running very carefully.


It pained as I expected.

But, it seemed alright if I run slowly and carefully.


It was so slow.

As I checked my GPS watch, it took near 10 minutes per km.

It is almost same speed as fast walking.


I usually run with pace of 5 mins/km, so it is almost twice time to run same distance.


I felt miserable, but it is o.k.

It is not everything to run fast.

I just do what I can now.



By the way, there is a marathon training, LSD(Long Slow Distance).

It is training to run long distance slowly, so-called aerobic exercise.


As running slowly, you can train muscle you usually don’t use.

Also, it develops capillary and makes a body takes in oxygen.


Besides, when you run slowly, you use different source of energy from that of when you run fast.


When you run fast, you use glucose energy.

When you run slowly, you use fat energy.

That is why it is said that you had better to run slowly to burn fat.



●Running exposed to the rain for 7 hours. 

Perhaps, today was the hardest day since running journey started.

20150410_093559 20150410_071629

At first, it rained all the time.

Though it might be hard to recognize, it was a heavy rain.



Second, I had to run the hill of Chugoku.

It appeared horrible “The route with no sidewalk”.


Because of the rain, the condition of ground was not good.

I paid attention to my step and cars.


Huge trucks sprayed a splash on me.

Thank you very much.

They work hard everyday.



After running about 20 km, I took a rest.

It was my first time to see eggs vending machine.

That’s cool.


And yet, it was cold.

I had to run 20 more km to Mihara city, which is the next town.


As I looked around, I recognized nothing but mountains, rice fields, and a bit of houses.

I just wondered if I could reach to Mihara city.


Anyway, it was such rain.

It was better to run at a time.



●Temptation and Pride

However, it was so hard time that this idea came to my mind.


I hoped someone kindly talk to me like that.

“Get on my car. I will take you to Mihara.”



I was about to compromise.

Why don’t I take shelter and restart running at the same point?




Even if someone suggest that he or she gives me on a ride, I would reply like that.

“No, thank you. I would not use any transportation.”



What a stubborn and hard to be treated person I am!


Yes, it is ok.

I would not easily expect out of me.

I would run by myself.


As bracing myself, I restarted running.




Finally, I arrived at Mihara.

I had a sense of accomplishment as I had had so hard time.


Though I had not run so long today (less than 40 km), I got tired terribly because I had been beaten by rain all the time.


I did laundry, and then checked -in a hotel.

The instant I took a shower, I went to bed.


After running all the day and getting tired so much, I fall down on the bed.

It is a king of extravagant life.



[Day9・ Distance 38km]



<Day10 (Apr. 11)>
Mihara, Hiroshima


●Rest day

In last few days, I couldn’t run as I expected because of  pain on my legs.

It still pained when I got up.


Then, I decided to take a rest all the day today.


Before then, I walked all the day as a rest.

But, it was not a efficient rest.

This time, I would take a rest thoroughly.


Although it is still important to run little by little, it is also important to run with fine condition somewhat after recovering.


I had given this message.

“It is ok to take a rest all the day. If you do that, you can enjoy running more in the next day.”

I felt so easy because of that message.



In this running journey across Japan, I set some goal points and dead-line.

Because of those goals, I didn’t enjoy running sometimes.


On this chance, I would quit running temporarily and finish my job at a time.



At that time, I recognized beautiful blue sky.



Oh, my god.

It makes me feel like to go run.


[Day10・ Distance 1km]

Running across Japan Day7-8 Yamaguchi – Hiroshima

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 7~8日目(山口~広島)


<Day7 (Apr. 8)>
Iwakuni, Yamaguchi~Nishi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima


Slow Running from Iwakuni

My left knee remained pained.

So, I was running very slowly.


“You run slowly, but step by step.”


This is the word my senior told me.

While this running journey, I told that word to myself.


I would have to run more than 3000 km, which is extraordinary long distance, in this running journey.

However, if I run step by step, the goal would be to appear in front of me someday.


“Enjoy the one step.”




Through Iwakuni, I arrived at Otake, Hiroshima.


A view of the sea appeared.

I felt like an atmosphere of towns and people changed.



As I was running for a while, a view of Miyajima, which is very famous spot, was getting to appear.


But, I kept running with suffering the pain on my left knee.



Honestly, I couldn’t afford to enjoy that view.


To Nishi-Hiroshima

20150408_151219 20150408_151340

I had to be patient to keep running because I couldn’t run but very slowly.

All I could do was run step by step.

I just carried my legs forward carefully with very dangerous pain.


As getting tired mentally, I got hungry and ate a lot.

Perhaps, I would even gain weight after the running journey across Japan. 



At last, I arrived at Nishi-Hiroshima.

Today, I would stay in Karaoke.

It is 1500 yen for 1 night.

Not so expensive.



Clerks in Hiroshima look energetic in my point of view.


[Day7・ Distance 46km]



<Day8 (Apr. 9)>
Nishi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima~Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima



Walking day

As the pain on my left knee was not getting better, I would walk all the day.

That is so-called the day of rest.


Although I walked 37 km.


Anyway, walking gives me the different feeling from running.


To say simply, it is “boring”.


Oh, that reminds me my high school days and the day I belonged to the track and field club.

I used to walk all the time and feel sad when I get injured.


It is so boring to walk.


No, no.

It is a precious chance to challenge the running journey across Japan.


It is a big loss if you don’t enjoy it.



Yes, that reminded me.

Walking is to be good training foe running.

Because you use different points of your body when you walk, you can build them up.



As I thought like this, walking is getting fun.

When you walk for 8 hours a day, you would think about something in many aspects.



A fear of the route 2

20150409_135510 20150409_135512

This is the part of the route 2.

It seems not to be built with thinking about pedestrians.

I must not be careless.


To be more common for running journey, it would be needed to arrange roads properly.

Although it is not easy.



I finally arrived at Higashi-Hiroshima after walking for 8 hours.


And I looked for a place to stay.

What I found was Joyfull again.


Very thank you, Joyfull.


[Day8・ Distance 37km]


Running across Japan Day5-6 Yamaguchi

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 5~6日目(山口)

<Day5 (Apr. 6)>
Shunan, Yamaguchi~Hikari, Yamaguchi


Started from Shunan


At 6:00 a.m. I started from the restaurant, Joyful, in Shunan.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

I had slept with sitting, so my legs swelled terribly.

Then, my feet didn’t fit in with my shoes.


All I could say was my condition was not good.


Since I started running, I recognized the pain in my knee didn’t cease.

I ran a little, walked a little, and kept doing them.




It might be good to take a rest, but I had a place must go today.



I had a promise to meet certain person in Hikari, Yamaguchi.


Mrs. Inoue.

A very cheerful and kind woman.

We had met in February in this year for the first time on the race, named OSJ jungle trail, in Amami Island, my home town.

She had come from Yamaguchi far from Amami, Kagoshima.

Besides, she run other races in Amami and she is a “Amami fan.”


In this relation, we promised to meet in this Running Journey across Japan, so I had to reach in Hikari today.


However, my legs pained terribly.

I walked with dragging my left leg.


What a worse, rain were getting harder.

When I am running, my body get warm and rain doesn’t matter.

But when I am walking, rain cools my body and makes me feel so cold.


I got weak so much.


However, I have a strange pride that I never use any transportation.


Anyway, all I could do is to walk step by step.


After all, I walked 17 km with being hit by rain for 4 hours and arrived at Hikari.

As we had promised, I managed to meet Mrs. Inoue at 10 a.m.


Take a rest

My legs condition was so bad, I decided to take a rest in the afternoon in Hikari.

20150406_153604 20150406_193809

20150406_185904 20150406_101726

In Hikari city, I was in care of Mrs. Inoue and her running mates.

They well treated me for meals and we enjoyed talking about running and others.

I spent a really nice time with them.


They had just run Saga Sakura Marathon yesterday.

We all run well.


Also, while we were talking, they praised me so much.

“You are great.” “You are respectable.”

But, I am not so much to be praised.

I am just running as I like. 


Of course, I don’t mean I feel bad when I am praised by someone.

It is very grateful.


I was somewhat confused to be praised for what I was doing.


[Day5・ Distance 17km]



<Day6 (Apr. 7)>
Hikari, Yamaguchi~Iwakuni, Yamaguchi



Left Hikari

Surprisingly, Mrs. Inoue and her running mates would lead me by cars when I would be running.

They said main route has no sidewalk and was dangerous to run, so they would guide the other route for me.


Wow, I cannot believe how kind you all are.

I was very appreciated and moved when I was running.


The pain in my left knee had been better.

And in this morning, I ran 34 km.

20150407_094453 10933887_1637497423136451_4745571887893009310_n

11091174_749536991829841_8296366422708694611_n 20150407_101156

Thanks to Hikari cheer group, I really enjoyed running this day.

Thanks so much.


Then, they said to me

“You gave us energy.” “I was so moved to tears.”


Oh, no…

I do nothing but run as I like…


However, I cannot be pleased more to hear that kind of words.


I felt like I recognized another reason to run.



To Iwakuni

In the afternoon, my left knee pained again, but it seemed be alright if I run carefully.


To decrease shock to knee, I ran with using my calves as absorbing shock.


Cold wind was getting to blow

I couldn’t run fast, so my body was cooled by wind.


By arriving at Iwakuni, my body had totally become frozen.

At night, it would more cold.


I gave up to sleep out and I decided to stay a business hotel.

It costed 5940 yen for one night.

So expensive for me, but there is nothing for it but do it.


I was tired terribly, so slept immediately.


In Iwakuni, by the way, TV broadcasts many programs in Hiroshima though it is in Yamaguchi, and I saw much information about Hiroshima Carp, a baseball team.

It was interested to discover a little change.


[Day6・ Distance 59km]


Running across Japan Day3-4 Yamaguchi

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 3~4日目(山口)

<Day3 (Apr. 4)>
Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi~Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi



It was somewhat hard to sleep out in the 2nd day.

I was about to fall down from the bench since it was too narrow.

Actually, I fell down once.



Anyway, I cannot hate him.


Good bye, Oduki.

If I were not challenge Running across Japan, I might have not know even the name of the place.




●Country road


It appeared rural landscape.

It is a calm scenery.

I have no complaint because I like countryside.

I took a rest on my way.


●something wrong on my body

I had run over 100 km within 2 days.

My legs were getting hard.

Although it is natural.


In fact, I had had my hurt right leg and I had not run for 2 weeks before I started this journey.

I had protected my right leg, which causes this pain now.


When I suffer much pain on my legs, I took a picture.

The scenery of sakura was beautiful.

I cheated my mind.



●Philosophy of masochism

I had a contradiction.

I say “Enjoy to run.”


However, I am suffering to run now.


My legs were almost not able to work.

My shoulders and my waist were rubbed with a backpack to be about to bleed.


I couldn’t run as usual.


“It is impossible to enjoy to run in this situation!”


To be honest, I thought that.


Yes, it is hard to run.

Besides, you have to run 50 km a day with a heavy luggage.

It is natural to be hard.


In spite of that, people still go on running.

It is interesting.

As if they enjoyed to suffer.

It is masochistic.


However, I think it is great to be able to enjoy a suffering situation.


You can consider anyway.

“When I get over this, I would be more powerful”

“When I finish running, I would eat something delicious.”

“I am very cool to do something hard. Huuu.”


Anything is ok.


If they are called “masochists”, that word is a kind of compliments for me.



When I was thinking about “masochists”, I have arrived at Ogori, Shin-Yamaguchi station.

I decided to stay in a business hotel.

It was the first time to sleep inside.


I looked for cheap one and find oldie hotel after a while walking around.

And I checked-in.


I wanted to reply mails, but there seemed to be no Wi-Fi.

It is a little too oldie.


Am I to have to rest well today?


[Day3・ Distance 43km]


<Day4 (Apr. 5)>
Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi~Shunan, Yamaguchi


●Start at Shin-Yamaguchi station

After spending time in the morning, I have started at 8:30 am


I had soaked into a bathtub yesterday, so I was fine today.

I went on running simply toward Hofu.



When I am taking rest in front of a convenient store, a lady talked to me.

After talking a while, she bought some meals for me.


Although I asked her name,

she said “No,no. Don’t mind.”


Although I asked her to take a picture of us,

she said “No, no. Don’t mind.”



“Take care, and go for it.”

She said and has gone.


I was moved.

Is this a love that asks nothing in return?


So cool. I want to be a human like her.

I don’t exaggerate, but it removed tiredness from me at all.



Although I was getting fine, strong hurt struck my left leg.

The bone on my knee seemed to be worn out.


If I kept running, I would have hurt my legs.

Then, I switched to walking.

It is good to walk slowly too.

20150405_140454 20150405_14070620150405_141759


I found a kind of secret route.

And I took a rest to see the sea.


I managed to recover to run slowly.

In this journey, a power to recover is very important.


But, I couldn’t run more than 10 km then.

After that, I went on walking to look for a place to sleep.




In Shin-Nanyou, I found a place to sleep.


It is common for Kyusyu people, Joyfull.


In the end, I considered the restaurant as a hotel.

What a nerve I am.


Since there was not so many people in the restaurant, I stayed there.

I appreciated…


[Day4・ Distance 43km]

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 3~4日目(山口)

Running across Japan Day1-2 Fukuoka – Yamaguchi

The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 1~2日目(福岡~山口)

<Day1 (Apr.2)>
Fukuoka, Fukuoka~Onga, Fukuoka


●2015. Apr.  6:55am
From Ohori Park, Fukuoka

I have started “Running Journey across Japan.”

11067136_931819596838167_5131989012639497152_n 11053658_746588295458044_5374425798914848003_n

10433106_746588322124708_7192558622745867591_n 604111_746588345458039_6891695848774497397_n

I was in Korea the day before yesterday,
so I was very busy to prepare for the Journey yesterday.
That tight schedule made me overslept today!

So many my running mates came to see me off.
I am really sorry to have kept them waiting so long…

Anyway, I managed to start Running Journey across Japan.

10646976_746588388791368_4806811420071792760_n 10999562_746588418791365_3212798056423749733_n

My running mates gave me a T-shirt with messages.
This would give me power so much.
I deeply appreciate it.

Although it was very busy start, it might have been good for me not to be nervous.
On the contrary, I am a happy man because so many people came to see me off and gave me presents and messages.

I will enjoy it best!
And I hope my Running Journey would make people around me more cheerful.


●Now, I have started.

My mind rose up and I felt as I could run to anywhere.

No, no, no. This is dangerous.
It is dangerous to run so hard in the beginning.

I run with making my rising mind down.

However, when I checked my watch…

It had been 3 hours since I started.

3 hours already?

Anyway, I seemed to be excited more than usual.


I ran with Hidaka-san after I started.
He is a triathlete.
Though his specialty is bike, he run fast as well.


●Route 3

If I didn’t challenge like this, I wouldn’t have cared about route number at all.

When you challenge something, your view will be widened.

20150402_114204 10425362_746590458791161_2389324025119343601_n

The first rest point was Munakata, Fukuoka.
I had lunch here, and I took rest for the last half today.

Blue sky and beautiful flowers go well together here.

When you find beautiful scenery, you can stop running and take a rest.

You can do like this in the Running Journey.


●Ebitsu’s great water

The weather was so fine that it made me thirsty.

And I had run out of water.

At that instant, this appeared on the road.


“Ebitsu’s natural water.”

Though it seemed to cost 100 yen, I appreciated.

But, when you look carefully…


100 yen for 20 Liter.

I see. This is a lot of selling.

Then, a local person came and we talked a while.
She came here to pick water as well as me.


“I don’t need all 20 liter water, so you get some.”

She said.
Th… Thanks!

That was great water soaked into my heart and body.



●Onga, today’s goal

I basically run 50km per day in the Journey.
And then, I look for a goal point of the day.

Of course, I have no reservation.

At the end, I couldn’t find any place to sleep, then I had to sleep out.


However, you cannot underestimate sleeping out.


You can sleep with full-bloomed sakura surrounding you.

Though it was little chilly.
It was good to have brought a sleeping bag.


[Day1・ distance 54km]


<Day2 (Apr. 3)>
Onga, Fukuoka~Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi


●Day breaked… at 5:00 am


You know.
I have nothing to do besides running, so I started run.

I originally wake up early, so I don’t feel stress to do something in early morning like this.
It was rain.

But, I run.

There is a way to enjoy running on rainy day.
You can smell more sensitively than usual.
It is good to run with hearing sound of rain.

I got my backpack covered with rain cover.。
I was a little sorry to hide the word, “RUN across Japan.”


Moji port

I was running with beaten by rain all the way, and I arrived at Moji port.

My body got cold.

I changed my clothes quickly, then I looked for a place to eat.

But, since the rain got harder, I couldn’t walk around.

I found udon restaurant nearby, although Moji is famous for baked curry.


I saw a word “curry” in the menu, so

“Isn’t this curry baked curry?”


I asked to the owner.

“I don’t cook baked curry. That is something the city made for tourism, so it is not very local food.”

He said.

Ah, I like this kind of pride.

I ordered “meat udon” which is most popular menu in this restaurant.

Well-stewed meat is delicious.

Besides, the owner gave me rice for free.

Thanks a lot.






Through the tunnel across Kanmon strait, I got through into Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi.


I was running seashore.
It is comfortable for me to smell the salt tang of the sea because I brought up in the island.

And, I went on running with seeing the sea on my right side.

It was still rain.

Suddenly, I was getting feel like to ridicule myself.

“Why am I doing such a crazy thing?”


And, I stopped thinking about that.




The 2nd day’s goal is Oduki.

Nowhere to sleep around here, so I had to sleep out today too.

I decided to sleep on a bench in front of the station.


However, today is Friday.

Many people walk through.
Though it is much less than that of  a big city.

“Whoa, a human being.”

People were surprised to see the strange thing lying on the bench.

Yes, it is me covered the sleeping bag.

What a crazy exhibition I am.

Of course, I didn’t sleep well.


[Day2・ Distance 56km]


The same article in Japanese 日本縦断ラン 1~2日目(福岡~山口)